The People Must Be the Ones to Win…

The people must be the ones to win, not the war, because war has nothing to do with humanity. War is something inhuman.

Zlata Filipović

I went to see the Mocking Jay with my daughter last night.  We left the theater and talked about how disturbing the series is.  She is a young educated professional Millennial and it was good for me to see her reaction.  It was good to see that she has not been totally desensitized.  She could feel the darkness that could be in a world that could get caught up in a cycle of senseless anguish, fear and killing.

I can’t help but reflect on Ferguson.  A robbery, a killing, rioting, looting…the spiral seems to have no end. We can watch it all happen in real time.  We can voice our support or outrage on blogs and on Facebook.  It is no longer just a story that is discussed among a small intimate group that understands each other – able to come to an understanding – able to agree to disagree but taking away the lessons  learned as we process together.  Instead we state our opinion – our stand – our truth – for the rest of the world to consider.  Responses come in the hundreds as ‘comments’ shoot back at news articles and media clips. Just other people, with their opinions, stating their truth…

It seems that we are becoming a society with the technical ability to globally communicate but lacking the impetus for real dialogue. We all have what we think is our truth. Most likely somewhere in the middle of my/your reality and perception of the truth – lies the actual ‘truth’.  A truth that is uncovered through spirited debate, thoughtful discourse and an energy pursuant of real understanding.  In order to learn, grow and come together – we must be able to listen. We must be able to consider what others think and  allow others to influence and challenge our perception of truth.  Without it, we will not be the ones to win.  We will remain in the spiral.  Humanity will be threatened with what is inhumane.

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