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The truth about heartbreak

“No one has ever broken your heart.  They broke your expectations.”   When I came across this quote about heartbreak in an ad for Kyle Cease’s new book, immediately, I loved it. [...]

This is life

The last three days were brutal.  Any single thing on it’s own was no code red crisis, but the culmination of events left me exhausted and emotionally unable to engage. It started with work [...]

A letter to men: Make me feel safe.

Safe. Maybe it’s not a word that comes to mind immediately when you think of what you want in your intimate relationships. Maybe you just assume it’s already there.  Maybe it seems [...]

What drives your spirit of competition?

I’m just going to say it:  I like to win. Put me in a situation where there’s another team to beat, a medal to be won or a bit of bragging rights to own, and I am all in. I will strategize, plot, [...]