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The dog ate my gremlin

The scene is out of a movie. A Tupperware lid, chewed up, a bottle of hand lotion, open and dripping, a box of tissue, shredded and a scattering of cough drops litter my office rug. At the center [...]

Are we grown up yet?

Straighten up Why can’t you straighten up? I’ve heard you tell me this So many times It doesn’t even stick I am staring down at my feet. There is a dusky white scuffing across [...]

Digging in: seeds, jam and a trap

This article first appeared in Elephant Journal, “Seeds, jam and a sticky, messy trap: a lesson in non-attachment” on December 19, 2018.   The room is hot, dry. I am sitting with [...]

Digging deep into “I don’t know”

“I don’t know.” Those words carry so many meanings.  And often, so much judgement.  Judgement because the moment we utter them, we feel totally inadequate, unprepared, and often, just dumb.  [...]