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Digging deep into “I don’t know”

“I don’t know.” Those words carry so many meanings.  And often, so much judgement.  Judgement because the moment we utter them, we feel totally inadequate, unprepared, and often, just dumb.  [...]

To the original Dirty Girl

Dear Shirley, The mountains are beautiful. I could not have picked a prettier day to come to Denver to see you. The sky is clear and blue and bright, the air is chilly and the mountains that you [...]

Getting dirty for the holidays

Are you ready for that awkward conversation with Aunt Cecilia? The intensity of the holidays is here. You are busy rushing about, preparing for family gatherings, work parties, cleaning house and [...]

Guest blog: Divorce and Death

Please read and think about this guest blog, from my girlfriend, Savannah. She sent this to me a short while ago and I asked to be able to post it.  Having been through divorce myself, her [...]

Are relationships really this simple?

I want your thoughts on this one.  Please. After a three hour flight and a day at the office, I was sitting at the hotel bar with a friend, a drink and a plate of nachos.  Nachos without cheese, [...]

The truth about heartbreak

“No one has ever broken your heart.  They broke your expectations.”   When I came across this quote about heartbreak in an ad for Kyle Cease’s new book, immediately, I loved it. [...]