The DGC Philosophy

leadership. women. results.

We believe you deserve the opportunity to become your most confident, vibrant self.

Dirty Girls Consulting (DGC) is a professional coaching and consulting company providing life and leadership development for women around the world. We offer individual and group coaching, workshops, business consulting and motivational speaking services to help women break free of traditional standards and pressures, discover their own personal power and accomplish their goals by educating the rest of the world how it should interact with them – and not vice versa.


Women work differently, we think differently, and it is up to us to embrace this difference as our strength. We are mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, entrepreneurs, employees, sisters, friends and so much more. Our perspective of the world is inextricably tied to our life experiences and our sex. And yet, we have spent countless hours listening to a world that tells us we are too emotional, too sensitive, too soft… or too pushy, too bossy, too bitchy.


At DGC, we do not believe we need to compromise who we are to get along. We believe we are powerful, joyful leaders in our professional and personal lives, when we engage and embrace the core of who we are.


Dirty Girls Consulting helps women find their personal strength and works with corporations to develop the talented women in their ranks. Working with DGC, you can expect:


  • Confidential and challenging dialogue
  • Industry leading tools to baseline where you are today and inform a plan for success
  • Clear goals and measurable outcomes
  • Networking opportunities with other strong professional women


Why are we Dirty Girls?  Read the story here.

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