meet natalie hahn

After nearly 20 years as a marketing and sales executive in the publishing and IT industries, I realized my passion was in the telling of stories not the selling of products. In these prior lives, I earned awards for revenue-generating campaigns and community support marketing campaigns, rebranded companies and managed the integration process for global companies.


Most of the time, I was the only woman in the boardroom. And navigating the role of “female executive” in a male dominated environment became my job just as much as marketing. As I met other professional women navigating the same circumstance, I realized that we needed more than a ‘network’… we needed a tangible way to not just manage, but excel. As ourselves.


And thus, Dirty Girls Consulting came into being. I believe we can be successful at any aspect of our lives – work, play, romance, parenting – just by being ourselves.


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What would you describe as a hidden talent or what are you passionate about?

Singing. Out loud.

If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

I wouldn’t know how to be anyone else

What’s your favorite brand of shoe?

Cole Haan. High heels supported by Nike Air. I’m a runner, so what’s not to love?

What was the last book you read?

Snapshots by Nick Hahn (my dad)