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Lead with intention

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT SUSAN IS THAT SHE LED WITH INTENTION. I know, big woo-woo self-help kind of word, “intention”. My 18yr old would immediately call me out – “What does that even mean?” It [...]

Is it your list or your priorities?

“I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO,” SHE SAYS TO ME. “I DO. IT’S JUST HARD.” She’s laid out some pretty significant goals. Find a new job Finish her yoga certification training (200 hour course) Lose [...]

The dog ate my gremlin

The scene is out of a movie. A Tupperware lid, chewed up, a bottle of hand lotion, open and dripping, a box of tissue, shredded and a scattering of cough drops litter my office rug. At the center [...]