meet shirley ramos

I don’t know exactly when I ‘showed up’ with a passion for understanding and facilitating the exciting and challenging journeys of women. With more than twenty years in either public education or corporate T&D, I have worked closely with both men and women on professional development that opened doors and enabled growth.


With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, MA in Leadership and HR, and PhD work in leadership, I learned without question that people learn and make behavioral changes for a number of different reasons – and not just because someone tells them to. Experience as an executive and transitional coach has helped me discover what I am primarily up to – which is providing the opportunity, environment and strategies for people to ultimately ‘be heard’. Dirty Girls Consulting clients allow me to work with the clients I am most passionate about – women. Life is messy…you don’t have to do it alone.


*Shirley lost her battle with cancer on October 20, 2018.  It is with great love and sadness that we say farewell to the original Dirty Girl and know her soul is finding joy in the next phase of her existence.*

What would you describe as a hidden talent or what are you passionate about?

living life out of joy and without regret

If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

Any one of my kids – they are all on amazing paths

What’s your favorite brand of shoe?

Target rubber flip flops, minnetonkas, or no shoes at all

What was the last book you read?

Paulo Coelho: Brida